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Lúthien Tinúviel: Fairest of all, eleves or men!

Pendeen Watch.

Fairest of all, elves or men;
Who once danced lithe, beneath the trees,
And sang, upon the evening breeze!
Loved most deeply of all elves,
She, in whom we find ourselves

Redeemed, beneath the silver lights
That sparkle, e’en in lonely nights.
She, who took on evil guise
To shield herself, from evil eyes,
And lone, with hound of Valinor
Succored elves forevermore.
North she ventured, into cold
Shorn of friend, of aid, of gold;
She with voice of ancient power
Shook to pieces Sauron’s tower,
Calmed and quieted Morgoth’s slave –
Frightful werewolf, held at bay;
Opened dungeons to the air
Which held her Beren tight in snare.

Ye Gods! For who could e’er aspire
To enter Hell, brave Morgoth’s fire,
Quell the blazing of his mind
And free the Light of Elvenkind!
Who, who else, save Lúthien?
Heroine of Elves and Men;
Who, when her body did sore fade,

Pleaded of the Gods their aid?
Whose song was saddest of them all,
Whose hot salt tears did Gods enthrall?
They offered to her pain erase,
Instead she gave her love that place!
And cleft from kin and elvenkind
Forever, yet she bore in time,
A child entwined of Man and Elf
And God, who grew to span the gulf.
Lúthien! Ah, dear heart of thine
In love for thee all elves still pine,
Who greatest glory of their race
Did death, for deepest love embrace!
Yet even Death no power holds
O’er thee who memory enfolds!

– De Bene

Remembrance Day 1998

Nota Bene: Here Lúthien and Huan travel north from Nargothrond.
And here is a sound file.