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A Field Trial for Basset Hounds

The Maryland Beagle Club.
This is the Maryland Beagle Club in Shawsville, Maryland. Basset Hound field trials are often held at beagle clubs, and this is a very nice one, with large fields, and many rabbits.

Waiting for the competition. Many people regularly compete with a number of dogs, and here visting dogs can be temporarily housed in the kennels to the right. The Maryland Basset Hound Club holds field trials in October. Basset hounds compete for championship points.

Large fields.

The fields are quite large. Each is securely fenced so that dogs can not be lost when they are off-lead on the hunt.

Fields.The fields are stripped with brush and grass.

Tally-Ho!Beaters walk along the brush to flush rabbits. When one runs from the cover, the point is marked, a brace of two hounds is brought up, and the brace is let go to pursue the trail.

Where did it go?The hounds are scored on their searching ability, adaptability, and patience with the problem.

A sight chase!Here is a sight chase. This shouldn’t happen. The hounds are scored only on running scent trails.

Recovering the brace.Each brace must be retrieved before the next brace can be started. After all the braces have run, second and subsequent series are run to score the hounds. This doe, to the right, has a fawn bedded down some where in the field, and won’t leave.

Next brace!Next brace!

Here is a riddle from Tolkien’s works, a riddle particularly appropriate for field trials.
Do you have the answer?

We are emeralds and diamonds,
Lost by the moon;
Found by the sun,
And picked up soon.
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